Sustainable Manufacturing

Collaboration and continuous improvement

Our lean manufacturing process means we send zero waste to landfill across our facilities, and we have a range of initiatives in place to reduce our packaging and improve the reuse and recyclability of our products. The Boss Design factory has run on 100% renewable energy since 2018.

The bigger picture

At Boss Design our focus on sustainable manufacturing extends well beyond our internal operations. We realise that how we make our furniture has an impact on the environment – upstream in terms of material sourcing and the energy that requires, and downstream in terms of waste and recycling.

To address these issues, we continually improve the technology, techniques and tooling deployed in our production process.

For example, our investment in new polymer technologies and injection mould equipment has reduced the amount of plastics we use as well as the manufacturing time of our components, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Building relationships

We work closely with our equipment suppliers and our emphasis on sustainability is acknowledged by their research and development teams. This means Boss Design is well positioned to benefit when new innovations in machining, materials, finishing and process technology are brought forward.

As a result, we are using more post-consumer plastics in our products and continue to collaborate with our suppliers to extend this.

Our 2030 vision

There is still a long way to go. We’re honest about that. CO2 emissions are measured across our business, including the carbon footprint of our products and we are striving to become a carbon-neutral manufacturer by 2030.

Sustainable Design

Investing in the future

Designed to Last

A Circular Concept