& Wellbeing

Our Commitment

At Boss Design our goal is to protect the environment through sustainable manufacturing and create a better and more prosperous society to live in. We do this by designing products to last, providing quality jobs and supporting local and global initiatives.

We understand that everything we do has an environmental and social impact. Working towards a sustainable future, we measure the impact of our activities and strive to continuously improve our processes. We are transparent about what we do, share our knowledge and have embedded a sustainable design mindset into our process, from the inception of each product through to its end-of-life plan.

It’s also important that we play a positive role in society. At Boss Design we ensure that everyone we deal with is treated with respect, that our employees receive fair and equal wages and that we always provide a safe working environment. Our community and educational programme gives people in our local communities an insight into our manufacturing practices and our commitment to the environment.

The six core principles we work to are outlined in our Sustainability & Wellness Manifesto: Economic Prosperity; Global Responsibility; Community Cohesion; Technical Innovation; A Focus on People; and Insightful Collaboration.

Sustainability has been at the heart of our design philosophy and day-to-day culture since Boss Design was founded, but there is always more we can do.

Quality, durability, responsibly-sourced materials and a long-term vision for every product we create are helping us on our journey towards a circular production model and a greener world.

Sustainable Design

Durability and sustainability are at the heart of our design process at Boss Design. Our talented design team creates furniture that will look great now and long into the future, we design it to last and we design it so that it consumes the least virgin materials possible.

The full lifecycle of each new product is factored in from day one of our design process as we move towards a circular production model. It’s an approach that helps our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Renewable. Recycled. Recyclable.

High quality materials are crucial in our mission to make furniture that stands the test of time. It’s equally important that all the materials we use are sustainable. 

At Boss Design we have been incrementally increasing the proportion of recycled and recyclable material in all our products and are continually exploring ways of using more renewables, as well as materials that require less energy to produce and process.

Smarter Manufacturing

How we make our furniture has an impact on the environment – we want that to be a positive impact. We invest in the latest equipment and processes to reduce the materials and energy used to create each new product, and we collaborate closely with our suppliers to ensure our sustainability goals are built into the next generation of manufacturing machinery.

This helps Boss Design and all our customers reduce CO2 emissions, waste and environmental damage.



Next Life

Full lifecycle planning is embedded in our product development process and followed up in the services we provide.

When your Boss Design furniture comes to the end of its useful life in your organisation, we’ll collect it safety check it and pass it on to one of our partner organisations which will ethically redeploy it for its second life. If it can’t be reused, we will take it apart and recover and recycle its constituent materials. Our move towards circularity means these materials will return to life as new products.

Sustainable Design

Investing in the future

Durable, renewable, recycled

A circular concept