Since 1983

Modern Tradition

Since 1983 we have redefined how commercial spaces can work, introducing a range of high-quality upholstered products that bear all the hallmarks of intelligent design, engineering and craftsmanship. 


As an agile furniture design and manufacturing business we are driven by detail and achieve enviable quality alongside contemporary elegance, using only the best materials and processes available. 


At Boss Design we build products to last. It makes sense for us and it makes sense for the planet. We have a responsibility to limit our impact on the environment, so we design products to stay relevant and use quality materials that will stand the test of time.


Our Sustainability & Wellness Manifesto is closely aligned with WELL V2 concepts and the UN’s sustainability goals. It guides us as we shape our processes all the way from initial concept to finished furniture, following a holistic and collaborative approach to sustainable product development.

Where once we relied on architectural intervention to divide spaces and define privacy, the new workplace landscape has shifted to habitable spaces with high levels of function and flexibility.

At Boss Design we believe in better spaces that not only work well but make us feel good too.

British Excellence

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We are what we make. Blending the best of 21st-century technology with traditional skills, we produce consistently beautiful products.

Our Collection stands for design integrity, detail and superior quality. Boss Design products are at the cutting edge of contemporary style. We invest in tools and processes to facilitate first-class engineering and workmanship, using only the finest materials and components.

From our headquarters in Britain’s West Midlands, our company journey encompasses a variety of furniture typologies that were inconceivable at our inception. Today they are enabling a design revolution in commercial, educational, retail, hospitality and leisure settings.

Devoted to Detail

Dedicated to Design

Our design process begins with a vision to create the ideal product – but this can only be achieved through continual refinement and improvement. We never rush a product to market, never compromise on attention to detail, and always invest in the most advanced manufacturing technology to give our design team maximum scope for creativity. Design thinking, functionality, imagination and contemporary visual ideals combine in our design DNA to produce a look that ensures compatibility within and across our lines.

A Leader in Sustainability

At Boss Design we understand that everything we do, across the group, has an environmental and social impact. In order to lead the way towards a sustainable future we continually measure our impact, strive for continuous improvement and always apply a transparent approach. We share our knowledge and encourage sustainable design and manufacture, from the inception of a product to its end-of-life plan. Our Sustainability & Wellness Manifesto guides our holistic, collaborative approach to sustainable product development.

Global Vision

We are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world and deliver furniture into schemes across all the key economic sectors. Our products are an extension of our customers’ brands and we respect that by providing first-class service, products and sustainability. Boss showrooms are strategically located in London, Manchester, Chicago and Dubai, demonstrating our reach and reputation, enabling us to deliver on a global scale and bringing our unique vision, quality and product innovation to you, wherever you happen to be.

Collaborative + Connected

Working with some of the industry’s finest designers, product architects and technicians is at the core of every design journey we undertake.

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