Virgin Trains Calm Corner


Crewe, UK

Virgin Trains, with the support of industry partners, recently opened the doors to ‘The Calm Corner’ at Crewe station. ‘The Calm Corner’ is a room that is specifically designed to offer customers, especially those with hidden disabilities, a safe and calm environment whilst waiting for their train.

The inspiration for the room, which is the first of its kind on the UK railway network, came from Megan Hughes who was on work experience with Virgin Trains. She came up with the suggestion based on her personal experience of having Asperger Syndrome.

Biophilic design

Using furniture from across the Boss portfolio, Virgin Trains have designed a space which incorporates elements of biophilic design such as a living wall and plants, as well as the use of grey and green colours to give a calming effect.

Using various Myriad configurations, combined with Toto armchairs and Reef coffee tables, the space provides a comfortable area with plenty of seating space, for users to relax and feel at ease.

Confidence to travel by train

A two-tone Hemm booth offers additional acoustic and visual privacy, whilst Arran armchairs and Deploy tables provide a touchdown space, and are also home to screens showing old images of Crewe station and the town centre, to help trigger memories for those suffering with dementia. A children’s play table sits with Agent stools, to keep little ones busy whilst waiting for their train.

Victoria Whitehouse, Inclusion Lead at Virgin Trains, said: “We want to make travelling by train as easy as possible for everyone. The Calm Corner is somewhere people can escape from a very busy station and it will hopefully encourage those with hidden disabilities to have the confidence to travel by train.”

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