Reading Public Libary


Massachusetts, USA

Reading Public Library

Looking to create a modern, fresh and vibrant space within their public building, an exciting new project for Boss Design arose in the USA at Reading Public Library, Massachusetts. With the desire to keep the timeless appeal of the building yet with a more current, contemporary approach, Boss Design was the perfect furniture designer and manufacturer of choice. With a want and need for elegant, classic and high-quality furniture of a premium standard, Boss Design worked with Total Office and CBT Architects, Boston, MA, in creating a solution for the project. A selection of graceful and stylish products from the Boss Design portfolio were carefully selected, showing the diversity and flexibility of the brand.

Important Factors

Settings and environments were an important factor in the specification for this project. Furniture needed to be used in individual quiet zones as well as group environments. Libraries are typically used by individuals wanting to read, study and enjoy peaceful encounters. Both the furniture and the new space needed to reflect this requirement. With ‘setting the scene’ being something that Boss Design are becoming increasingly renowned for, the project was a huge success from start to finish. The versatility and diversity of the Albany seating collection has been considered for the project. With the sofa and arm chairs being used in breakout spaces, Albany was the ideal addition in an area designed for discussions and interactions. With morning/afternoon meetings, children’s playgroups or in general discussion areas, the combination of furniture, design and space works well in collaboration. The armchairs can also be seen in different areas of the building as a duo for more enclosed and segregated areas, and additionally as a trio in more open spaces.

Colour Choice

A splash of colour could be seen throughout the library in the upholstery of several Albany arm chairs and sofas. A pallet of blue and yellow fabrics are used in the playful children’s area, creating a fun, modern and vibrant approach. A more sophisticated purple fabric was used in the adult reading area. With Albany’s distinctive button back detail and hand crafted solid Oak legs, the traditional aspects are still apparent.

Offering a pure and slender appearance, four Diana armchairs were featured in slightly more intimate areas of the library as duos, enabling quiet reading space and study areas as well as the need for small discussion areas if required. Highlighting again the need for more private and perhaps quieter interactions, two Cega swivel seats added a touch of modernisation to the library. Its contoured design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise, which is ideal for what individuals want to achieve when visiting a library. The open top structure allows for the correct level of ambient light to pass through, making reading and studying as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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