Microsoft Columbia


Bogatá and Medellin, Colombia


With wellbeing and productivity high on the workplace agenda, it was only natural that the British commercial furniture brand, Boss Design, would play a key role in furnishing Microsoft’s new offices in Bogatá and Medellin, Colombia.

In conjunction with exclusive Boss Design dealer, Solinoff, and architects and interior designers, AEI – both based in Bogatá – two Microsoft offices boast a series of visually stunning multi-functional spaces that facilitate collaboration, touchdown and breakout activities, all without the need for formal desks, tables and seating.

Contemporary style

Specified for their contemporary style, quality and comfort, Boss Design supplied a range of furniture that includes modern Layla low back sofas, luxurious Kruze lounge chairs, Toto and Swing breakout seating, and a series of Flamingo adjustable laptop tables. Arranged informally, the furniture can be easily moved around and adapted to suit user requirements.

Diverse, dynamic and innovative spaces

With a design inspired by Colombia’s diverse landscape, climate and culture, “Microsoft honors its concept of digital transformation through diverse, dynamic and innovative spaces,” the company said in a statement. To reflect this design concept, all upholstery is made from national fabrics and features bold vibrant colors. In addition, each space is named after Colombia’s five diverse regions – Caribbean Pacific, Andean, Orinoquia and Colombian Amazon.

Highly productive workplace

Commenting on this specification, Brian Murray, Founder and Chairman at Boss Design said: “We are delighted to have helped furnish these two stunning Microsoft offices. Playing close attention to how people work best and creating ‘habitats’ in which they can fire their imagination, optimize their interactions with colleagues while supporting individual wellbeing is what makes a highly productive workplace.”

Marco Casarín, General manager at Microsoft Colombia affirms: “The best way to empower employees is to promote a new way of working focused on the individual optimization of productivity, team collaboration, and the attraction and retention of the appropriate people.”

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