Everyman Cinemas

Bespoke Luxury Seating from Lyndon​
Over the last two decades, Everyman Cinemas has been on a mission to elevate the quality of the British cinema-going experience. With gastro food, indulgent cocktails and beautiful, retro-inspired settings, Everyman builds an entire evening of enjoyment around going to the flicks.


Premium quality seating is a key part of that, and since 2004 Everyman has called on the Lyndon brand by Boss Design to build, upholster and fit luxurious bespoke armchairs and sofas at its screens around the country. In 2014, the designers at Lyndon formulated an even more luxurious, Art Deco-inspired design – a signature Everyman look, executed using a wide variety of fabrics.


The relationship between Lyndon and Everyman resumed in 2021 and 2022, with new bespoke seating installed at Everyman cinemas in Edinburgh, Bristol, Durham, Egham, Plymouth, North Allerton, Marlow and in London at Belsize Park and Borough Yards. In 2023, four new refits will get underway.

Each project is exciting because it is different from the last. The cinemas have between one and five screens and while many are refurbishments of old cinema buildings that date back to the 1930s and 40s, some are new and purpose-built. The décor is creative and imaginative at each outlet, an approach that continues through to the upholstery.


At each location, some screens have seating covered in traditional red velvet, which is synonymous with the Everyman brand. However, at least one of the other screens will feature completely unexpected colours and patterns, giving the location its own signature look. Every cinema in the chain reflects a unique, local character.

The approach varies widely from one Everyman Cinema to the next. It might entail an eclectic mix of colours and textures, with each seat unique. Or you may find a dazzling selection of patterns that play on the wall coverings and carpets to give the space its own retro character. High quality fabrics by independent UK designers are often used to bring in an extra frisson of local creativity.

Every seat Lyndon builds for Everyman offers a generous seat area, supportive back, perfectly proportioned arms, high-comfort cushioning with beautiful piping embellishing every corner. The units are made to measure for each fit-out based on row spacing, section widths and so forth. Two- and three-seat sofas are mixed with armchairs for solo visitors, levelled on a plinth with lozenge tables floating above the arms for guests to enjoy drinks and food with the film.

There is plenty of room to settle into and relax, helping create a casual, home-like atmosphere. As a finishing touch, Lyndon supplies dozens of coordinated scatter cushions for each screen, augmenting the air of comfort.

Since the company first refurbished the original Everyman Cinema in Hampstead back in 2000, it has grown to include 36 further venues across the UK and expansion continues alongside plans to open in Ireland as well. It’s a winning formula, with Lyndon by Boss Design providing high-quality, high-comfort seating to ensure that customers enjoy the new cinema experience, and come back for more.

“Our long-standing partnership with Lyndon is down to three things – they consistently build seating that is extremely comfortable, is very durable in a high-use environment, and always looks great. We share the same values and commitment to quality, which makes Lyndon the perfect fit for Everyman Cinemas. Long may it continue.”

–Daniel Brock, Project Director, Everyman Cinemas