Dublin, Ireland and Berlin, Germany


Boss Design were commissioned by eBay to present new concepts for their Berlin and Dublin campuses. The brief was based around the need to create a more domestic interior that staff would feel comfortable and relaxed in; spaces that could be used as informal meeting areas, individual workspaces and lounges for relaxing. This project was brought to fruition in early 2013 and the last of the furniture was installed at the beginning of the summer.

The Result

The result was the introduction of several ‘Lounges’ throughout the building. Products featuring soft upholstery and European oak frames were chosen from the Boss Design portfolio to create a more domestic feel for users.

The colour palette was deliberately natural to take a step back from the feel of a more traditional corporate interior.

Chosen Products

The products chosen included Arthur single-seat work booths, which provided individual workspace with a reasonable level of acoustic and visual privacy, along with the Orten sofas and armchairs, which can be supplied across a wide range of sizes in order to accommodate very specific spaces. Triad and Metro coffee tables were used in conjunction with the seating to finish the domestic look.

What happened next?

Since the installation was completed, eBay has reported that occupancy levels in these areas are running at between 50 and 100% between the hours of 8am and 8pm, leading them to change their space planning on the next campus project to give a greater percentage of space over to the new ‘Lounge’ concept.

Featured Products