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London, UK

Child & Co, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland, is one of the oldest private banks in the UK. Being established since the 1640’s, Boss Design came together with RBS to assist with the refurbishment and renovation of the bank, whilst keeping its original heritage in full recognition.

Lovingly restore

Sharyn Wheeler, Lead Design Manager on the project, researched the original layout and paint colours to inform the restoration of the Banking Hall. This was closely followed with the furniture specification and fabrics put forward by Boss Design. By working closely together, the history of the branch was built into key aspects of the design. The aim was to lovingly restore the fabric of the building and bring a welcoming and inviting experience into the Banking Hall.

The main Banking Hall on the ground floor featured several table and soft seating options from Boss Design. A selection of bespoke three seater sofas and arm chairs with button back detail were created for the install, with a fabrics selection of yellow and gold to keep within the building’s interior theme.

Yellows & Golds

The yellows and golds used as part of the interior colour scheme to reflect the connection with the original Marigold sign and the bank’s 17th century origins as goldsmiths involved in the jewellery trade.

The scale of the fit out entailed all five floors of the building being refurbished, including the interior decoration and furnishings. This also included staffing areas and customer meeting rooms. The customer meeting rooms also included Boss Design bespoke armchairs and benches, along with a selection of solid timber coffee tables designed specifically for the refit. Boss Design wanted to keep the same prestige and traditional feel throughout the building.

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