British Airways JFK Lounges

New York, USA

British Airways and American Airlines have opened three premium traveller lounges at John F Kennedy International Airport’s newly renovated Terminal 8, with all three spaces featuring aviation grade customised seating by Boss Design.

The area will be used by premium, first class and business passengers whose flights connect at Terminal 8 – the transatlantic hub shared by BA, AA and other airlines in the oneworld partnership. The theme of ‘connections’ also plays an important role in the concept behind scheme with the Soho, Chelsea and Greenwich lounges named after neighbourhoods found in both New York and London.

Designed by Gensler in New York, with all loose seating made by BA’s supply partner Boss Design, the décor evokes the ambiance of high-end hospitality spaces such as exclusive hotels, restaurants and members clubs rather than traditional travel lounges. Pale colour palettes of cream, mushroom and vanilla bring a gently optimistic vibe, which is augmented by elegantly crafted furniture, soft upholstery and fabric textures.


Comfort and style

Every detail has been carefully honed for the comfort of BA and AA travellers. Manta armchairs from the Boss catalogue have been supplied in plush upholstery with unique piping to detail the elegant line from the arms over the chair backs. Orten armchairs by Lyndon were also customised to Gensler’s specifications, along with generously proportioned Olivia chaise longues, also from the Lyndon range.

At the heart of the Chelsea lounge sits a gorgeous circular cocktail bar which has already been dubbed one of the swankiest in the world. With 150 hand-moulded glass forms adding creativity to the lighting, the bar is surrounded by 15 stools based on Isla seating by Boss Design but made bespoke for the venue. In the surrounding areas, travellers can eat in comfort seated on matching Isla dining chairs.

The future of aviation

BA moving from Terminal 7 to join AA in the new-look Terminal 8, marks a milestone in the partnership between the airlines. The co-location and lounges are part of a $400 million joint investment by the firms. In a significant departure from the norm, airline branding and livery are subtle across the lounge scheme – the blues or reds usually associated with both airlines are absent. There are areas for dining, relaxing, work and reading, but there is no separation between business and leisure travellers across the lounges.

Instead, the focus is purely on creating a calming ambiance and providing passengers with a high-quality experience at every touch point. Boss has delivered on that promise in spades, with elegantly designed and eminently comfortable seating that looks enticing but will stand up to the test of multiple users, 20 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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