What people want from the Office...

When you ask people what they really want from an office space, most surveys come back with tellingly similar answers. The one that perhaps best sums them all up is from Leesman, which collects more data on the workplace than any other firm in the world so provides the gold standard in this regard. It recently reported on the physical aspects of the office that people find most attractive.

1. Functional desk 

2. Comfortable chair 

3. Tea, coffee, and other refreshment facilities* 

4. General cleanliness 

5. Temperature control 

6. Small meeting spaces 

7. Restroom privacy 

8. Functional equipment 

9. Natural light 

10. Nearby restaurant or cafes


What each of these factors share in common is that they represent a very basic human need. They also fit more or less neatly into two categories; comfort and a place to interact with other people, especially over a cup of tea or coffee. This is marked by growing demand from occupiers for offices that improve their day to day experiences and offer a more service focussed approach to the design of the workplace.
According to the CBRE 2018 Occupier Survey, more than 80 percent of tenants perceive workplace amenities as essential to the employee experience and 65 percent think service-oriented amenities are more important than fixed space-based amenities.



Boss Design – 2019