Nature's color palette

Boss Design’s new color palette is rooted in the natural world, and perfect for crafting destination spaces. 
Hanna Stauch, Interior Designer at Boss Design.

One of the most effective ways of creating spaces that feel human and habitable is to apply color palettes that derive from nature. Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, mountains and the ocean – studies show that the color wheel of the natural environment makes people feel calm, reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing. More than ever, interior designers, architects and scheme specifiers around the world are following biophilic principles in color selection to craft destination space.

We know this because at Boss Design we’ve been collecting and analysing data which gives us insight into what color, finish and fabric selections our customers make when ordering. Using live data to assess where color tastes are going, combining that with our own trend research and taking into account the design thinking behind our product lines, we have reshaped the standard Boss Design color palette for roll-out in the second quarter of 2024.

This may sound very grand, but the eight natural and biophilic colors in the new palette represent evolution rather than revolution. Our data shows that while people express interest in bright colors, they aren’t often specified. Rather than defining one or two highlight colors, this palette provides a tranquil set of tones to build upon – whether and which accent colors are used is up to the designer.


Positive spaces

Reed Green and Copper Brown were introduced in 2022, as part of a special color palette created for Sia, one of the most sustainable task chairs on the market. They have enjoyed very positive traction with our clients, and to measure the popularity of these colors on other ranges, I have introduced them in small doses within the London showroom – on the legs of a Sol table and on our recently launched laptop table, Lina, for example.

“In observing palettes and mood boards presented to us by clients, it was evident these two colors were more complementary to not only where trends stand now but they have versatile and lasting qualities that will serve us in the future as we grow parallel with the demands of our evolving clientele.”

Hanna Stauch, Interior Designer, Boss Design

The popularity and future potential of Reed Green and Copper Brown has seen them added to the standard palette alongside Sand, which is a more neutral tone while still offering warmth and tactility.

Sky Blue, Deep Ocean Blue, Slate Grey, Black and White complete the set, rounding out a color palette of eight tones that all work comfortably with one another and reflect the natural world. There is a touch warmth and vibrance, plenty of tranquility, while at the same time avoiding the earthier dark browns, greys and greens sometimes associated with biophilic design.

Ola Tub
4 star with Copper Brown painted base

Sia Task Chair
Reed Green & Oyster White

Paloma Meeting
Reed Green 4 leg and Black swivel base

Colour and sustainability

Like the color palette we developed when we launched the Sia task chair, having a nature-inspired selection of tones aligns with Boss Design’s drive towards sustainability in the commercial furniture industry. However, it is more than a statement of intent.

Firstly, it has an aesthetic purpose. Smooth, natural, organic lines are part of the visual language of our furniture collections, from our popular wingback chair, Amelia, to the Frida focus pod, and from the Bodie lounge collection to Agent tables and chairs.

Secondly, and in combination with the above, it is a palette carefully honed for the creation of destination spaces. Across workplace and hospitality environments, it can be used for the application of biophilic design principles. Used in conjunction with plants, natural light and organic textures, with good air circulation and fresh food and drink available, biophilic design leads to an atmosphere that is reassuring, calm and serene.

The human-nature connection puts the brain at ease, lowers the blood pressure, allows for recuperation, improves concentration and fosters creativity. The colors in our 2024 palette make that connection, helping the organisations we work with become more sustainable in the long run, contributing to productivity and profitability.

Boss Design – March 2024