Fabrics & Textiles

To order memo samples visit the websites or call the numbers listed below.

Textile Partners


  • Indicate GRADED-IN TEXTILE on your order and Boss Design will order the fabric and produce the specified furniture.
  • Boss Design reserves the right to adjust grades to accommodate price changes received from our suppliers.
  • Fabrics priced above our grade levels and those with exceptionally large repeats are indicated with “CALL”. Please contact Customer Service for pricing.
  • Orders are subject to availability of the fabric from the supplier.
  • Furniture specified using multi-fabric applications or contrasting welts may be up charged and require submission of a two-tone sheet.
  • Textiles not offered in the Graded-in Textiles program are nonstandard materials and are considered Customer’s Own Materials (COM). Because COMs are selected by and used at the request of a user, they are not warranted. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine the suitability of a fabric for its end use.
  • In the absence of specific application instructions, Boss Design will apply the fabric as it is sampled by the source and as it is displayed on their website.
  • Backing may be required on some materials for proper tailoring on Boss Design furniture. Additional backing charges may be incurred and will be the responsibility of the customer. 
  • Cancellation of an order requiring Graded In fabric will be determined by our ability to cancel any fabric ordered. Customer will be responsible for restocking fees and any shipping costs incurred.
  • Within the Graded In program, not every fabric is approved for every style of Boss Design furniture. Please contact customer service for confirmation that your selected fabric is approved for use on the intended product.
  • customerservice@bossdesign.com