Lounge with Purpose

Remi - Sustainable Lounge chair

As with so many projects, Remi began with a business need. On paper, at least, our aim was to add a comfortable tub chair to the Boss Design portfolio – perhaps as an extension to the Paloma collection. As designers, however, we’re always driven to improve on what has gone before and here we set out to create a piece of furniture to exemplify natural beauty, comfort and sustainability. 

Focused on Sustainability

Reduced Carbon Footprint

BioPur foam reduction reduces carbon emissions by up to 75% compared to traditional polyurethane foams, offering a substantial environmental benefit.

Renewable Resource-Based 

The foam is derived from renewable biological sources, such as plant-based materials, which minimises dependency on petroleum based products and supports the sustainable use of natural resources. 

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

The production of BioPur foam involves processes that consumes less energy and produce fewer emissions compared to conventional foam manufacturing. 

Clean Air

BioPur foam is manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds (VOC’S) and formaldehyde, which are common in traditional foams. This ensures it is safe for both indoor air quality and overall health.

June 24