Making Mews

A new work landscape for a new era,
an interview with Mark Barrell and Ceri Lovett


The way we live, connect and work has changed. A new era of blended working means video conferencing is set to stay, whilst months of lockdowns have underlined the impact our surroundings have on well-being and productivity. So as workers begin their tentative return, it’s time to reimagine the office: creating spaces that combine all that we love about remote working with all that we value about face-to-face collaboration.

Boss Design’s Mews, is a striking new modular pod system that ticks all of those boxes, completely transforming your space without the need for major architectural intervention.

Immediately elevating any office environment, Mews’s elegant window frames inject instant cool to create a chic, contemporary spaces with next-level flexibility. Stand-alone or used in combination, Mews will quickly and cost-effectively allow you to create a series of inviting zones perfect for private, focussed work and video-conferencing or informal meetings and collaboration. Even ‘negative’ space becomes positive: with the defined areas between pods lending themselves perfectly to relaxed seating, work or meeting space.

Mews - Boss Design - Landscape - Making - 3

And in a marked shift away from the sterile open-plan settings of old, an almost limitless range of interior options lend Mews an interior design-led feel that entices you in and soothes the soul. From tactile fabrics and textured wall tiles to fluted glass and soft drapes in warm, muted tones, Mews draws you in and becomes a coveted place that is a pleasure to spend time in. At the same time, glass inserts provide superior acoustic insulation for privacy and focus, whilst state-of-the-art lighting bounces, diffuses and flatters for the ultimate video conferencing experience.

Protecting air quality is also a breeze with Mews which has been designed by our team of in-house engineers and ergonomists to incorporate 12 changes in air every hour to prevent fatigue and improve user productivity and stamina. State-of-the-art acoustic insulation also means increased privacy for focussed working alongside improved sound quality for video conferencing.

Mark Barrell, commenting on the launch of Mews, said:

“Let’s face it, we’ve all become reliant on video conferencing and all the benefits it brings. Hybrid working appears to be the chosen strategy for most large and small businesses, which is resulting in the need for a significant amount of individual focus space to support all those VC meetings. Mews is designed to maximise the potential of those interactions, regardless of the quality of the hardware being used. With it’s human design and calm interior Mews creates appropriate habitats for the new work landscape.”

October 21