Flo-Refined Comfort

Lounge collection designed by Boss Design

A modern lounge collection with subtle details and elegant proportions, Flo is a contemporary design with a welcoming character and refined levels of comfort.

A modern delight

Trends are transient, but there will always be a space beautifully refined sofas and chairs. This belief was central to our thinking when we began designing Flo – a modern, yet timeless seating collection that aligns perfectly with our mission to create destination spaces.

We wanted this new sofa and chair to look comfortable and inviting, but it also wanted to give it a sense of structure – wide, ample and composed of strong basic forms that not only look impressive but will hold their shape over the years.

Yet there’s a gentleness in Flo’s devotion to detail. The envelope-shaped arms have a soft, pillow-like contour to them with the added visual dynamic of an exaggerated pinch stitch on the front vertical line. The crafted forms of the sprung seat, back and arm sections seem to merge seamlessly to give Flo balanced, poised stance.

Designed by the Boss Design team

The future is now

The theme of timelessness has also driven our material choices and manufacturing process. Like everything in the Boss Design range, Flo seating is designed to look great now and for years to come – and it’s made to last and last.

The cushioning of the back and sprung seat is made of robust polyurethane foam and, thanks to our injection moulding technology, the arm sections generate none of the waste associated with the cut foam process. Each structural component has been designed for easy reupholstering. When the time comes to refurbish, the chair and sofa can be easily disassembled with an Allen key and each part re-covered or replaced.

This vastly extends the lifetime of the chair, helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals. Our approach also means the materials in Flo are easy to separate and recycle at the end of its lifecycle.

Harmonious styling

The Flo sofa and lounge chair can be upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather in any colour and texture, giving you complete flexibility to specify them to match wider schemes.

Flo’s wooden legs bring a gentle touch of nature to the design with their organic texture. Available in clear lacquered oak, or stained to one of our standard colours.

The look and feel of this sofa and armchair partnership make them ideal for sophisticated spaces. With intriguing touches of detail, Flo generates desire everywhere from first class lounges to contemporary loft studios.

The Flo Lounge Collection has been designed to compliment an array of partners in the Boss Design portfolio, such as our 120 and Maysa table, DNA Lounge collection along with the Amelia and Manta lounge chairs.