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The Making of Amelia


Wing Back Lounge Chair designed by Aaron Clarkson from Boss

Light and gentle in its styling, Amelia is a wingback chair offering softness and comfort. Like a butterfly, this is furnishing that can effortlessly flutter between formal and informal settings. Office, hospitality, domestic – wherever it alights, Amelia brings a refreshing new look alongside welcoming comfort.

Amelia reinvents a classic via a modern design ethos but without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The traditional charms of the wingback are all retained, but here the arms, back and wings merge into a single form, delineated by a single continuous line flowing organically around the piece like a gymnast’s ribbon. This same line cleverly conceals the upholsterer’s seam for the most elegant of finishes.

Bringing together a tall, supportive back with comfortably styled arms and functional wings that provide visual and acoustic privacy would always be a challenge. However, we wanted to go one further and slim down the typically cumbersome form of the wingback and trim it back to a shape that looks light and agile but also inviting.

Iteration after iteration, prototype by prototype, Amelia’s lines were honed, each subtle change gauged and improved upon until we were certain it was right. Therein lies the difference between good and great design, and the design team’s meticulous process has resulted in this unbelievably enticing form.

Designer Aaron Clarkson

Slender and Resilient

Amelia’s organic silhouette is a vindication of our investment in the latest manufacturing technology and techniques. Replacing traditional timber and cut foam construction with moulded polyurethane foam over a steel support frame has given our designers the freedom to create furniture in any form imaginable. Slender, strong and supportive, Amelia will bring the classic wingback chair into a whole new range of settings thanks to our innovative manufacturing process and design diligence.

The durability and resilience offered by moulded polyurethane instead of a wood-and-foam build shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Amelia represents timeless design in a truly enduring form.

Beautifully versatile

The inside and outside of the top section and seat can be covered in the same material for a unified and continuous look, or different colours and textures can be applied to achieve a dynamic two-tone effect.

The flexibility of the design continues down to its base. Amelia is available with a four-leg frame, sled frame, cast aluminium four-star base or timber four-star base, each of which gives it a slightly different vibe. The timber four-star base includes a memory return on the swivel – ideal for settings with multiple users.

From elegantly minimal through to elaborately decorative, Amelia will land within your interior scheme perfectly attired and on the right footing.


November 21