Sol - a Table Collection for a New Era


by Aaron Clarkson from Boss

Back in the 1920s, young designers at the Bauhaus art college in Germany set out to craft beautiful furniture and use industrial technology to make it available to everyone. It was the dawn of a new era – the sun was rising on a new approach to furniture design.

One of the most famous examples is Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair. Breuer looked at how tubular steel was being used to mass produce bicycles and came up with a ground-breaking chair design that was strong, flexible and could be manufactured efficiently because it capitalised on existing tools and materials.

A century later, we’re still in awe of the pieces Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe and other early modernists came up with. And, tubular steel remains an excellent material in furniture design. It is light, strong, malleable and 100% recyclable – factors that made it ideal when we created our Rosa Lounge Collection.

As we prototyped the Rosa sofa and armchair through our iterative design process, we began to imagine other furniture designs utilising simple, elegant tubular steel frames. While Rosa was taking its final form, we decided to create tables to accompany it. As it happens, the Sol Table Collection actually began its journey under the Rosa name.

Designer Aaron Clarkson

Simple and sustainable

Simplicity was the starting point for the Sol side and coffee tables. The basic aesthetic for both rests on a nimble but sturdy tripod base. One of the benefits of tubular steel is that it is relatively thin and therefore ideal for furniture with a light look. In addition, it is very strong and can be worked into many forms. With Sol, we’ve used a minimal amount of metal for maximum structural effect.

With an unassuming base, the personality of
both the tabletop and other accompanying furniture can come to the fore. That’s where the expressiveness lies with the Sol collection. A wide variety of tabletop options are available, helping schemes project the right atmosphere. Standard finishes such as MFC, MF MDF and laminate are all available in a variety of colours, or with natural wood veneers.

Smile Plastics

We design sustainable materials made from “waste” plastics collected from a variety of post-consumer and post-industrial sources. We believe that our reimagined, recycled materials match any new ones that you’ll find in terms of quality and style. Each panel is entirely crafted by hand and has its own unique identity.

We’re a small micro-factory based in the UK and trusted by well-known brands, architects and designers worldwide to deliver materials for their projects.

We take waste plastics and other materials traditionally classed as waste and transform them through our unique processes into large scale, solid surface panels.

We tend to focus on single-use plastic packaging and other materials that would usually find their way to landfill. We chose these plastics to disrupt the unsustainable industrial ecosystems that have become the norm whereby finite and useful materials have very short, single lives.



Recycelt – Bunter Terrazzo-Solid-Surface

Durat ist ein farbenfroher Mineralwerkstoff, der aus recycelten postindustriellen Kunststoffen hergestellt wird und zur Schaffung nahtloser Oberflächen im Innenbereich verwendet werden kann.

Als einer der ältesten Hersteller von Mineralwerkstoffen in Europa wurde Durat 1990 in Finnland gegründet, um ein nachhaltiges Material zu schaffen, das Recycling und Design kombiniert. A polyester based solid surface material, Durat uses postindustrial plastic waste collected from manufacturing and waste management companies in Sweden and Finland. The recycled plastic is then granulated into small chips and cast into a resin base to create durable, silky sheets of solid surface in Durat’s 100% renewable energy manufacturing facility.

Because it’s a solid surface material, Durat can be refinished making it perfect for high use areas in places like restaurants, cafes, retail shops, hospitals, classrooms, public spaces, labs, boats and residential developments.


Richlite ist ein unglaublich langlebiges Material aus Papier, ideal für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen. Developed over 70 years ago for industrial tooling, Richlite has evolved into a premium surface material used by aerospace, extreme sports, marine, food prep and the architecture and design community. The innovative surface material’s mottled appearance, honed look, leathery feel and warmth complement a range of interior and exterior applications including furniture, cabinetry, shop-fitting, cladding, consumer products, signage, retail displays, restaurant tables, bar tops, and work-tops. Das porenfreie, hitze- und wasserbeständige Papierverbundmaterial hält allem stand, von der Lebensmittelzubereitung bis hin zu den rauen Bedingungen im Freien. Ob es aufgrund seiner natürlichen Ausstrahlung, Haltbarkeit, Festigkeit, Nachhaltigkeit oder seines einzigartigen Aussehens und seiner Haptik ausgewählt wurde, Richlite übertrifft und überdauert herkömmliche Materialien.