Paloma – a family of modern adaptability

Boss Design presents a modern versatile chair designed with sculpted lines and comfort. Paloma features different ranges of seating for working environments.

Meeting. Offices exist to bring people together as part of a shared purpose and culture. They are not merely places of work. They offer the spaces that allow people to realize their potential, develop relationships, learn, share information, have ideas and create new things. The Paloma swivel has a four or five star base which makes it the perfect choice for meeting rooms and touchdown working.

Lux Café. Just as work has colonized cafes, whether people are working alone or in a meeting with others, so too has the café migrated to the office. The design of Paloma makes it a product that is equally at home in the high street or workplace. The café option, coupled with the softly moulded form of the seat and back make Paloma a comfortable and practical solution for cafes and breakout spaces. The tactile quality of Paloma emphasizes its humane design and make it a chair that people enjoy sitting in.

Lounge. Shared public spaces such as lounges or receptions should welcome people and offer them a comfortable and beautiful place to wait and relax. Paloma wears it ergonomic excellence lightly. The sculpted lines of the seat and back, combined with meticulous stich detail and generous upholstery, are designed to deliver outstanding levels of comfort. Making Paloma a great choice for a wide range of settings.

Plush. Softened with a sartorial touch that is clear in every detail, the opulent folds on the inside of the backrest and more relaxed upholstery softness delivers a mellower level of luxury to the Paloma Collection.


“We shape the spaces we share with others to address our most basic human needs. For comfort, beauty, company, purpose and relaxation. Paloma has been designed with these very human needs in mind,” says Aaron Clarkson, Boss Furniture Designer.