The workplace and how it functions is key to how productive people are and how successful a business performs. It is also about balancing efficiency of space and effectiveness of people. Introducing Habitats: our new workplace philosophy. To create a high performing work environment the following six Habitats should be considered:

1. Welcome
First contact with the organisation occurs here and it’s the place where visitors discover what makes the culture unique.

2. Home
Everyone needs a ‘home’ or a dedicated workstation. Highly mobile workers need a place to perform their work on the go.

3. Flow
When planned strategically, circulation spaces are about encouraging the serendipity associated with spontaneous informal exchanges.

4. Collaborate
Collective intelligence outperforms individual intelligence. Collaborative working can be defined as a group of people from different backgrounds, experience and specialisations joining together.

5. Formal Meet
Meeting sets are to accommodate the planned and traditional meeting requirements – board meetings, seminars, client presentations or informal networking events.

6. Work Café
A signature space that can define a company’s culture, improve productivity and become a magnet that attracts employees to the workplace.

View or download the Habitats presentation here.