Kruze shoots, Kruze scores!!!

Has the BBC World Cup coverage had you jumping for joy or have you felt more like hiding behind the sofa? Watching football can be a very emotional experience. Maybe that’s why, from the millions of options available, the BBC chose to, once again, seat their pundits on our Kruze chairs.

When you’re going to be tied to your chair for the duration of the tournament your body needs supporting through the highs and the lows. If the pundits are fidgeting in their seats it will be a result of the action on the pitch and not because they can’t get comfortable. When an artful goal or excruciating near miss makes them jump, Kruze’s gently sculpted contours and generous proportions will catch them when they fall.

Add to that the presence, panache and contemporary cool of Kruze and it’s obviously the pundit’s perfect fit. Sleek, smooth and stylish and with its fair share of TV appearances it’s fast becoming a modern icon.

Of course the BBC are broadcasting to the world so when they’re looking for a chair with the right level of quality and kudos it’s only fitting that they look to Boss for great British engineering and design. Their choice of Andrew Muirhead Ingleston ‘Anthracite’ leather adds to the Kruze’s air of authority; helpful when you need to get your point across and impose your personality on a highly charged situation.

This World Cup the Kruze chair is playing an important part; keeping the pundits comfortable and confident even when they’re on the edge of their seats. England may be out of the World Cup but Kruze will be flying the British flag right up to the final.