Milton Keynes, UK

The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest car manufacturer in Europe. Boss Design has supplied to Volkswagen retail for two years, however, the refurbishment of their UK headquarters at Milton Keynes presented itself as a new corporate opportunity.

Meeting Rooms

There were several areas within the building that needed to be refurbished, most importantly the old Audi showroom which had been converted into a new breakout/meeting area. VW had already created a few formal meeting rooms along the perimeter of the room and were keen to use the rest of the space for informal meetings and hot desking areas, supporting the change in working patterns occurring within the modern office.

Vista Pods

Boss Design’s newly launched meeting pod system, Vista, was the ideal solution for the large unused space. Two 3192 x 3006mm Vista pods were installed with coloured acrylic corners, matching the colours of Starr chairs and Magic stools around the room. The acoustic qualities of the Vista pods allowed meetings to take place with minimal disruption from outside noise.

Ideal Workspace

The Volkswagen Group also installed Arthur high back sofas, Starr chairs and Axis tables, Magic stools, Kruze chairs and the Raft island piece to create the ideal collaborative workspace.