Salford, Greater Manchester, UK

When asked to provide a range of furniture and office pods at the brand new, multi-million pound TalkTalk office in Salford, Greater Manchester, providing the ultimate agile workspace was an essential part of the brief for Boss Design.

One of the UK’s largest telecommunications providers, TalkTalk have moved into the former Colgate-Palmolive factory at Soapworks, transforming an old industrial shell into the ultimate workspace for its 1,300 employees, bringing together staff previously based at two separate offices.

Employee interaction

To encourage collaboration between the different departments in the building, a variety of spaces were required, tailored for flexible ways of working. The challenge was to provide different “neighbourhoods”, interconnected by a large staircase, allowing employee interaction across departments and zones, all whilst providing tight security across the building.

With Boss Design’s portfolio offering a variety of furniture for flexible working requirements, it was the perfect choice for TalkTalk. Working together with office interior designers Claremont, Boss Design provided furniture solutions for all areas of the office space.

Meeting pods

Boss Design’s Qube 180 meeting pods were positioned across several floors of the building, designed to encourage exploration and encounters in the workspace between employees in different departments. By deliberately making the ten pods non-bookable, many more interactions will take place as employees utilise the pods across multiple floors and zones, not just the one within sight of their current setting.

The half circular pods were customised with TalkTalk branding and acoustic wall panels matched the colour choices of the particular setting it was placed in. Hidden behind opaque glass on the third floor is TalkTalk’s expansive board room. Boss Design’s Coza chairs were chosen, facilitating the need for a flexible task chair, offering high levels of comfort without the need for manual user adjustment. The chairs will be used by various people throughout the day, and offer a striking visual impact as well as dynamic support for the user.

Streamlined design

TalkTalk chose 40 of Boss Design’s Deploy tables in various sizes, for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces across multiple floors. The Deploy table accommodates the technological advances of the modern workplace, offering various power and data integration options alongside a streamlined design.

In the café area, Boss Design’s popular Loop chair was specified in various two tone colours, offering a pop of colour without encroaching on the panoramic views over the River Irwell. The Loop chair has a sleek and modern aesthetic, particularly suitable for café and restaurant spaces due to its cleanable surface and ergonomic design.

Fostering team collaboration

To encourage impromptu meetings away from workstations, four of Boss Design’s Entente booths were chosen, alongside six Cocoon Media Units, spread over multiple floors. Both the Cocoon and Entente booths help to foster team collaboration and provide excellent acoustic properties to provide privacy in open settings.

With product selection and placement being carefully considered throughout the entire workspace, Claremont and Boss Design together successfully achieved TalkTalk’s aspirations for a modern, flexible and collaborative working environment, enriching employee environments, driving productivity and enhancing security.