Rogos Roller Coaster Restaurant


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Rogo’s Roller Coaster Restaurant

Group JWA is a brand concept development and investment company, creating and developing new concepts and restaurant brands that encapsulate the essence of fun innovation. Heading up ROGO’s, a unique roller coaster inspired restaurant and the first of it’s kind in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Group JWA tasked Boss Design with supplying the seating solutions for the 14000-square foot space.

Focal point

The focal point of this space is a network of 30 individual roller coaster tracks that loop, spiral and spin around diners to deliver an exciting menu of international cuisine directly to each table, with speeds reaching up to 25km/h. Complimenting this focal point is Zandi, a fun, comfortable and visually striking bistro and dining chair from Boss Design.

Working with a highly talented team of industry experts and sector consultants, Jessica Wadih Al-Absi, Chair & CEO of Group JWA has been meticulous in her selection of every element of the restaurant, from the design and layout of the tracks to the menu, to the place settings and even the chairs.

Good value

Speaking about her decision to use chairs from Boss Design, Ms. Al-Absi said: “We chose the black and white chairs from Boss Design Group because they met our specifications ideally. The size was just right for what we needed, not too large but comfortable and easy to clean. The chairs also represented good value for money, an important factor for any business.”