GB Canoeing

GB Canoeing Training Centre

Dorney, UK

Following the success of the London 2012 Olympics, dealer group Vehyster and Boss Design were tasked with creating a comfortable and relaxing place of rest for the GB Canoeing team at their training area in Eton Dorney. The idea was to facilitate a gym for the Olympic team and Para Olympic team which can also be used as a lounge area, conference room and state-of-the-art changing room. Vehyster were briefed on the exciting new project in order to create this atmospheric place of rest for the entire GB team, through the use of Boss Design’s high-end and premium style furniture.

Breakout Space

With the way the workplace is moving forward, it’s important that we as workers have a place to escape, to re-energise and to improve throughout our working day. With this, there’s no exception amongst the sporting sector. Our products provided the GB canoeing team with a market-leading and world class environment, including Boss Design’s Orten sofas and armchairs in the communal rest area for comfort, through to our Starr chairs and other items in the more conference style set up.

GB Canoeing

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The Learning Area

James Monks from Veyhster says:
“The remit of the training centre at Eton Dorney was to create a world-class environment for the Athletes and coaches to train in and also to enhance the environment where they can rest and recuperate between sessions.”

He also goes on to say:
“We elected to work closely with Boss Design as the furniture choices created a harmony with the building and a quality that we were striving to provide. The facility at Eton Dorney is used extensively by the athletes and so it was vital that the quality of the design would be matched by the durability of the furniture. We are all delighted with the final result and thank you to all for the amazing support.”