Lyndon helps boost productivity in the Workcafé

As the office canteen gives rise to the modern Workcafé, Lyndon’s extensive range of commercial furniture solutions is in high demand. From high and low tables accompanied by chairs, benches or stools, to bespoke café style booths and soft seating, Lyndon’s furniture helps create a dynamic space where employees, customers and visitors can meet, work, network, socialise, and recharge.

Managing Director at Lyndon, Tim Armitt explains: “As office design becomes increasingly activity-based, workers are more mobile than ever before. Coffee shops have long been a popular destination for employees to escape their workspace, however they tend to lack privacy, ergonomics or a workspace that is conducive to productivity: hence, the rise of the onsite Workcafé. Planned or impromptu, employees can ‘escape’ in comfort, yet at the same time maintain close connections with colleagues and the organisation.”

By specifying a mix of furniture, employees have the opportunity to work solo and enjoy refreshments around the clock, or to collaborate and brainstorm with co-workers. The Workcafé is also a popular venue for huddle meetings. Technology is a must in the Workcafé and many of Lyndon’s soft seating and table collections incorporate power and data connections in order to aid productivity and convenience.



High table with stools: Commonly found in Workcafés, these provide a change in the landscape of the area; creating an exciting environment in which to meet, eat and collaborate. They can even be used as a space to read, work, or simply drink coffee whilst browsing the net. Lyndon’s high table in conjunction with stools from its Agent and Callisto collections combine great design with comfort and functionality and bring a casual feel to any breakout area. High tables at which employees can simply stand are also in popular demand; providing a respite from being seated all day.

Bench seating: Also a popular specification, bench seating helps maximise the number of guests whilst providing a streamlined and modern aesthetic. When upholstered, this seating also delivers comfort and support for longer periods of use. Combining excellent design with functionality, they bring a relaxed feel to any dining area.

Café chairs and tables: Lyndon’s Agent, Albany, Keats, Diana, and Isla collections offer an elegant and refined ensemble of handcrafted seating to accompany their tables; providing unparalleled choice and flexibility for the Workcafé. Whether dining, meeting, or simply relaxing, they meet multiple requirements. As well as an extensive choice of fabrics, leathers, and even leather and fabric two-tone options, some chairs are available with or without arms, and can be specified in choice of wood finish. In addition, a choice of coloured painted frames deliver a bold and stunning effect.

Booth seating: Bespoke booth seating is particularly popular in Workcafés where space is at a premium and privacy is required for meetings. Skillfully designed to meet specific ergonomic and spatial requirements, booth seating offers endless design opportunities whilst cleverly maximising the use of space.

Tim concludes: “Whilst Workcafé furniture will be largely dependent on the space available, a well-designed space will include more than just tables and chairs in order to successfully transform it from the humble canteen into a highly effective destination for connection, collaboration, relaxation and rejuvenation. Bearing Lyndon’s stamp of handcrafted luxury and superior ergonomics, our furniture exudes comfort and style.”