New ACDC collection takes a stand

With wellbeing a priority in the workplace, Boss Design has launched a new collection of sit-stand desking together with height-adjustable and static meeting tables. Designed by British designer, Broome Jenkins, ACDC is an elegant table system that fits effortlessly in today’s workplace.

Whether working individually or as a team, ACDC delivers a sit/stand lifestyle for the workplace that benefits the human body whilst promoting better working practice. It also offers designers the ability to specify one system through an entire concept whilst still creating a fully inclusive design.

The collection of height-adjustable models includes large meeting tables and fully ergonomic individual sit-stand desks in six top sizes and three top shapes. Designed to keep people on the move and switch between sitting or standing throughout the working day, they promote short standing group meetings and individual desk focused work.

The height adjustable models incorporate a discretely positioned control panel that can effortlessly and quietly raise the desk/table to maximum height of 1298mm; enabling the individual to easily go from sitting to standing without disrupting their workspace. AC models offer four frame finishes with two foot options, together with fixed screen and modesty panel options.

The collection of static models features a standard 740mm meeting height table that is available in five top sizes with a choice of three top shapes. For added design impact, a rectangular shaped glass top can also be specified and the frame of the base may be finished in one, or a combination of, Boss Design’s nine vibrant frame colours.

All ACDC models sit on a sturdy frame of die-cast aluminium to provide maximum strength and a stable desktop or work surface at any height, and each features a discrete cable management tray. Power and data is available for all models.

Eve Fitzhenry, Head of Marketing at Boss Design, comments: “Our bodies were built to move and not to be sitting for extended periods of time. More energy, increased productivity, less fatigue and a reduced risk of injury caused by working in one body position too long are just some of the many benefits to be enjoyed when you take a stand against sitting. Our AC models mean that at the simple touch of a button, employees can select a working position that is ideal for their body and instantly adjust their workspace to sit or stand.

“The outstanding quality, precision engineering and design of this new collection bring a new found elegance to the growing sector for height adjustable solutions. We are confident that they will soon become a norm in the workplace,” adds Eve.