London, UK

Boss Design and PWC came together in creating an exciting and bespoke project, the first workplace concept to be used within the company. Known for their quality, flexibility and practicality, Boss Design demonstrated the transition that is currently taking place in the work place with the office environment becoming more collaborative through the use of their pods.

Meeting Area

Boss Design was tasked with producing a suitable and informal meeting area for the employees and visitors at the London-based office in Union Street. Alongside this, a degree of visual and audible privacy was required with the need to interact virtually with other offices across the globe. (Requiring some bespoke elements as well as a high demand for interactive media capabilities, the Vis2, part of the Vista family, was the choice of pod selected.)

Offering the visual aesthetics and a variety of technical features that the modern office is now incorporating into their daily routine, a degree of bespoke elements were also a requirement in the install.

Lasting First impressions

With a white powder coated aluminium frame, acoustic fabric panels with chairs upholstered in the same fabric, along with frosted glass panels on two of the corner areas, a lasting first impression was something that was of high importance throughout the project.

Carl Gearing, furniture consultant at PWC, expressed his importance of the quality of the build from the outset.
“From the attention to detail on the interior and exterior, down to the standard of finish of the pod, the quality provided also needed to be of the highest standard. From the solid handle, soft open close door and the sturdiness of the structure, the pod system needed to deliver a positive reaction upon first look. We are extremely happy with the results achieved.”