NeoCon sets the scene for Boss Design’s exciting launches

Boss Design – the leading British commercial furniture manufacturer and 2018 NeoCon Gold award winner – will be unveiling an exciting new line-up that reaffirms its reputation for design excellence. The new additions include an extensive collection of height-adjustable and static meeting tables, an exciting range of lounge tub chairs, and a monoshell work café chair designed by German designer Wolfgang Mezger.

Being showcased at its stunning showroom, at Suite 359, in the Merchandise Mart will be ACDC, an elegant table system that fits effortlessly in today’s workplace. Designed by British designer, Broome Jenkins, ACDC delivers a sit/stand lifestyle for the workplace that benefits the human body whilst promoting better working practice. It also offers designers the ability to specify one system through an entire concept whilst still creating a fully inclusive design.

The new collection of lounge tub chairs, DNA, takes upholstery to a whole new level. The illusion of a loose back cushion is not only a testament to Boss Design’s design vision and manufacturing prowess, it pays homage to one of the company’s earliest designs that still delivers unsurpassed levels of comfort and ergonomic support today. This latest range also offers multiple base and seat options.

As more and more companies continue to make the Work Café a primary Habitat within their organizations, Boss Design has introduced a new collection of monoshell chairs. The collection offers multiple options and is available in several base options and finishes including vibrant painted frame colors.

Mark Barrell, Design Director at Boss Design, comments: “This year, the emphasis is very much on the outstanding quality, precision engineering and design that have made our products the envy of the world. Whilst our new ACDC collection brings a new found elegance to the growing sector for height adjustable solutions, our new lounge chairs are the most accomplished collection of upholstery we have ever produced in our 30+ year manufacturing history. The upholstery is executed with a quality of sewing and tailoring that sets the new benchmark for our future products.

“As our reputation across North America continues to expand, we remain committed to inspiring our audience with a brand that sets itself apart in terms of design and quality,” adds Mark.

Boss Design’s showroom is located at Suite 359 in the Merchandise Mart.

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