Find your head space with Mango

Boss Design has unveiled Mango – a new personal workspace solution that has been created with headspace in mind. Ideal for use in a variety of environments, including offices and public spaces such as airport lounges, Mango strikes the perfect balance between privacy and ergonomics.

Find your head space

Designed in-house, Mango is ideally suited for the workplace where access to quiet, private spaces for individual focused work is essential and is linked to an increase in employee creativity, productivity and wellbeing. As well as being a magnet for mobile workers, Mango provides sedentary workers with more choice and privacy on demand. Equally, the personal workspace solution can transform third spaces into practical destinations for focused work. Mango also fits seamlessly into public areas, including waiting areas, and hotel lobbies, offering users a private space to work, touchdown or relax.

Focus on the individual

The users’ physical wellbeing has been carefully considered throughout its design. Mango is available with or without a high upholstered screen surround, and with the option of an extended privacy screen for acoustic insulation to minimize surrounding noise levels. A left-hand or right-hand writing tablet on an articulated arm also lets the user position work and devices in the most ergonomic manner.

An optional footrest is also available to provide additional support for legs and feet. Upholstered in black vinyl, the footrest is designed to help maintain an appropriate ergonomic position and level of comfort when in the lounge position. When not in use, it sits underneath the seat.

Focus on performance

Integrated power and data options also provide connectivity, essential for modern-day work and life, whilst dual density foams support the user, and storage space can be found underneath the seat.

Commenting on the launch of Mango, Andy Watson, Export Sales Director at Boss Design, said: “With open plan and collaborative spaces becoming the norm for modern working environments, areas that offer privacy and promote individual focused work are more important than ever. Indeed, having access to quiet, private places is high on the wish list of most employees.

“Now, thanks to Mango, individuals have a space in which to work more effectively. It will help boost their creativity, productivity and concentration levels – all without having to leave the office,” adds Andy.

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