Guild Mark Triumph


The Boss Design Group – the leading manufacturer of commercial seating worldwide – has had its prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark renewed by The Furniture Makers’ Company, the charity for the furnishings industry, for the third consecutive year.

Widely recognised to be the mark of excellence for Britain’s top furniture and furnishing manufacturers, the Manufacturing Guild Mark acknowledges the Boss Design Group’s unwavering commitment to design, innovation and service to its customers. The renewal also recognises the ongoing efforts of the company’s management and workforce in achieving such standards throughout the business.

Having been independently re-audited at regular intervals for the last two years, the Boss Design Group once again successfully demonstrated its clear commitment to integrity in all aspects of design, product function, marketing and promotional materials, finance, customer and after sales service. The Group’s exceptional quality and efficiency of volume manufacturing methods and materials also passed the rigorous audits.

In addition, the Group successfully demonstrated its concern for the environment and sustainability in materials used and manufacturing methods. Fair working practices and a commitment to training in all aspects, including apprenticeship, management, sales and service also made the grade.

Founder and Chairman of the Boss Design Group, Brian Murray comments: “This latest renewal is further testament to our values of quality, sustainability and excellence in everything we do. The Manufacturing Guild Mark resonates well with our company ethos, as it celebrates not just good design but the importance of the manufacturing process as a whole.

“This accolade provides an assurance to our customers that the furniture they are purchasing is made with integrity and care, and that the company they are dealing with has achieved high standards throughout its operations,” adds Brian.

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