Lyndon makes a splash with colour

After several years in the cold, interiors are starting to feel the heat from vibrant colours that are staging a comeback. At the helm of this change is Lyndon by Boss Design who has unveiled a striking new range of coloured painted frame options for its acclaimed collections of wooden furniture.

Whether it’s to echo corporate branding in the workplace, or to simply add colour to a hospitality scheme, Lyndon has introduced seven refined painted frame colours to provide a welcome break from the neutral look that has reigned supreme for several years. Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black and white, this palette of vibrant colours may be applied to the underframes, tables, legs, and even the arms of any of Lyndon’s upholstered seating and table collections to create a stunning design effect.

Alongside the standard colours, Lyndon is honouring its reputation for excellence in bespoke manufacturing by offering the option to specify its furniture frames in any RAL colour – a useful option when reflecting branding in interior design schemes.

Thanks to the new coloured frames, designers now have unparalled freedom to create bright and energetic interiors. Chosen to blend with other colours in the design scheme, or to create a high-impact look by mixing and matching bold colours from the same corner of the colour wheel, coloured frames offer endless design permutations.

Tim Armitt, Managing Director at Lyndon, comments: “Whether it’s for leisure, hospitality, the workplace, or retail and leisure interiors, the use of colour is becoming a major consideration and a fundamental element of the overall design. Anyone can add colour to a design scheme using accent walls, soft furnishings, and the usual accessories, however, few dare to venture into the realm of coloured furniture for a brave design statement.

“From on-trend orange and pretty pastels, to vibrant yellow, or Marrs green – voted the world’s most favourite colour in 2017 – adding colour to design schemes can be used to inspire emotions, create illusions such as a sense of space, or to simply just set the mood or atmosphere to a particular environment.”

Tim adds: “Of course, there will always be demand for neutrals, taupe, natural, and the ever-popular grey, but our philosophy at Lyndon is that you can never have too much colour!”

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