Design Partnerships

Simon Pengelly

A world-renowned designer, Simon is recognised as one of the most important contributors to the British Furniture industry over the last 25 years. His understanding of how people use and relate to the objects around them, paired with his material and process driven approach inspire his work. Simon collaborated with Boss Design to create ATOM – a revolutionary furniture collection that is comprised of seating, tables, desking and screens capable of furnishing an entire workplace. Commenting on his inspiration behind ATOM, Simon says: “ATOM is still the only all-encompassing furniture collection that brings the landscape of the workplace together with one unifying family of products. The design of ATOM is very much focussed on people, inviting them to work in the ways that suit them best.»


Paul Brooks

Paul has worked for a host of UK and European furniture manufacturers and is highly regarded throughout the design community. Over the years, Paul has worked closely with Boss Design to create and design a number of successful ranges such as Sona, Pro, Mars and Sonatec (which achieved Ergonomic Excellence status). He says “I believe in working closely with clients to analyse their needs in order to deliver a totally appropriate solution – aesthetically, functionally and commercially.”

David Fox

David brings a timeless approach to design and has long been welcomed by the UK’s architects and interior design community. David first collaborated with Boss Design to produce the hugely successful Kruze chair in 2006 – a design that has stood the test of time recently celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Since then, Kruze has expanded to become a collection that includes complementary lounge chairs, bar stools and tables. Following the successful Kruze collaboration, David designed our Magic stool – a modern design that to this day enables specifiers to bring a sense of fun to any environment.

Martin Ballendat

Martin is an internationally acclaimed designer with a career spanning over twenty-five years. Martin’s design philosophy is the perfect match for Boss Design: he looks for solutions that meet and often exceed the demands of both the manufacturer and the user. In 2015, Martin collaborated with Boss Design to create Coza. Boasting extraordinary comfort and dynamic support by using the natural flexibility of a single ribbon of material, Coza was unlike other task chairs that depend on multiple components or complex assembly. It was no surprise that Coza went on to win 2015 ‘Best of NeoCon’ Silver Award in the USA.

Mark Gabbertas

Mark Gabbertas philosophy is to create character through simplicity. He says “This approach helps guide the design of products to have a lasting aesthetic. The design of an object is heavily influenced by an appreciation of the commercial realities that surround it – if a great looking design does not sell; perhaps it is not such a great design.” Mark first commenced work with Boss Design in 2007 with the launch of Tom, Dick and Harry. The striking trio of contemporary tub chairs proved to be a huge success, receiving an FX Design Award in 2007 and a Design Guild Mark in 2008. Mark has also collaborated with Lyndon on the design and development of the stunning Orten, Metro and Triad collections.


Established by designer Barry Jenkins, UK design studio BroomeJenkins has been working with international clients in the contract and system furniture industry since 2003. The BroomeJenkins’ philosophy is that ‘the design of a product is very much a collaboration between designer and manufacturer, where both parties work towards a shared objective that results in products that are useful, attractive and commercial.’ BroomeJenkins designed Deploy with Boss Design, a unique table range that uses the same consistent structural component to create free-standing fixed top and flip up tables through to larger static tables including system benches.