Easily Distracted?

Are you easily distracted in an open plan office, desperate for a quiet corner to call your own? You’re not alone. Most workers agree that effective working goes out of the window as unwanted noise comes knocking on their virtual door.

According to Julian Treasure, a leading sound and communication expert, people have the bandwidth to process 1.6 conversations at any one time. So if a colleague is sharing their opinion on the latest office drama, it leaves you little capacity for the task in hand.

Here at Boss Design we’ve understood all the issues and addressed them with Vista, our range of sleek, customisable, office pods. To ensure the wellbeing of their staff, companies need to provide meeting rooms and environments for the private conversations and lively discussions that are an inevitable part of business life.

Quiet corners where staff can escape to tackle the most demanding cognitive tasks and listen to the conversations inside their head are a must for truly effective working. You can be confident that with a Unifi office pod you’re in control; glass panels provide the highest of decibel privacy ratings, you can choose the position of the lighting and there’s built in compatibility with your technology. When we say you can relax and get on with the task in hand, we really mean it.

We’re pleased to be able to point out that the air-flow system that is used in our Vista pods has received the Quiet Mark Award from the Noise Abatement Society. 380 cubic metres of air per hour circulates through the air flow system. This reduces the CO2 levels enhancing your ability to stay alert, concentrate and take a nice deep breath or maybe give a sigh of relief. . .

Some companies may offer the option of acrylic panels but we believe that’s false economy. Glass is more durable and will accept branding without a single scratch in sight. We design pods that last, pods that have the flexibility to evolve and re-configure with your business.
These days, companies have to work hard to both recruit and retain the best staff. Unifi pods give you a helping hand, allowing you to create spaces that encourage brighter thinking and give your staff a sense of both calm and control.