Working together for you

You may have noticed that here at Boss Design we’ve got more than a passing interest in the issues around collaborative working. We design products that provide you with options to get the most out of your space. Quiet corners to share, think and reach your true potential. Of course in order to do that we do a fair bit of thinking and sharing ourselves.

We sometimes work with friends, and as is only natural, we choose friends that have the same basic values and ethos as ourselves. Innovative companies that have#sustainability at the heart of their design philosophy and who care as deeply as we do about leaving a positive legacy for future generations. Anything less just wouldn’t do.

High on our company friendship list is Camira Fabrics who design and manufacture the most innovative, adventurous, environmentally sensitive fabrics in the world. Their product offering include bast fibre ranges such as Hemp and Sting, 100% recycled polyester products and 100% rapidly renewable wool fabrics, all manufactured to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

We’re delighted to say that we’ve chosen @Camira fabrics to enhance both the physical and acoustic comfort of a number of our products.

Cocoon is one example, a beautifully simple unit that combines the sit and posture of a traditional desk and task seat with the comfort and feel of a sofa. The hoop like structure is upholstered inside and out with Camira Blazer Hourglass fabric, a quilted version of their traceable 100% Laneve wool Blazer fabric. Foam backing and wadding forms the density of the quilt whilst the organic, curved stitch detail creates the soft contours. We think you’ll agree that it does more than just look good. Whether it’s a team meeting, a collaborative task or a base for the day, Cocoon provides the comfort you need.

Our range of glass office pods feature acoustic panels in upholstered Camira Lucia fabric. Lucia is a 100% recycled polyester panel fabric achieving EU Ecolabel status. The wide choice of colours means you won’t have trouble matching your interior scheme and the improved acoustics mean that you won’t have trouble keeping calm. After all, the happiest workplaces are those where friendships flourish and collaborative working bring mutual benefits.