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Banquette Seating

Our Banquette seating is a stylish seating solution designed and built with the attention to detail we pride ourselves on. Destination furniture that creates spaces to eat, meet and collaborate.

“A great office design depends on creating a great experience for the people who work there. And, because people expect that to match or exceed the experience they have in other surroundings, the office has never been more focussed on the needs of the individual.”

Our banquette seating configurator can help you to create your unique destination space. Configure your seating from 4 profiles available, save your bespoke image and generate a PDF specification sheet tailored to your exact scheme details.

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People expect to find a space that is visually appealing, well-lit, airy, intuitive to use, relaxing, flexible, and manageable. They expect it to offer the perfect spaces in which to interact with others and to deliver all the amenities they need, not least fast, reliable wi-fi and great coffee and refreshments.

Because these expectations are shared with other types of space, it’s no surprise to find that there is a crossover of aesthetic and functional design characteristics. The best offices share these with cafes, coworking spaces, homes, hotels, and parks. So, too, the best modern office furniture products are designed to work in a range of settings and deliver the great experiences people expect.

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Modular Banquette System

Our Banquette seating is a stylish, space-saving seating solution designed and built with the attention to detail we pride ourselves on. Creating intimate areas to eat and meet allows for great design in a venues interiors.

Realizing the full potential of your space is important to any interior design scheme. We can offer a customizable solution to maximize space and fully utilize floor area, especially when floor space is limited.

Banquette and bench seating create intimate booths to eat, drink and collaborate with a degree of privacy. Carefully designed banquette seating creates a focal point within a Work Cafe interior

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Tailored Banquette Seating

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